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Koenigs Wusterhausen

Reference: Biomass Power Plant Koenigs Wusterhausen

Biomass Power Plants, Renewable Energies, Solar

Characteristic Data:

Firing type: Circulated Fluidized Bed (CFB)
Rated thermal input: 54,6 MWth
Power output (gross): 20 MW
Plant efficiency: ca. 35 %
Biomass flow rate: 15.8 t/h / 120,000 t/a

Steam parameters:

  • Pressure live steam: 87 bar
  • Temperature live steam: 477 °C
  • Pressure hot reheat steam: 16 bar
  • Temperature hot reheat steam:  477 °C

Cooling System:  hybrid cellular forced draft cooling tower

End of trial run:   

  • May 2004


Description of site:


Koenigs Wusterhausen, Berlin, Germany

Site characteristic: 

  • Harbor of Koenigs Wusterhausen

Particularities/ constraints:

  • Biomass: Wood waste class A1 and A4
  • Supply and disposal via road and ship
  • Water protection area III
  • Noise protection requirements due to adjacent hospital and housing area


Scope of Services:

  • Owner‘s Engineering
  • Elaboration and co-ordination  of processing the remedy of deficiencies of the plant within the 2 years warranty period
  • Consultancy for the technical optimization of the plant or substitute performances with the aim to achieve profitableness, availableness and  full load capability
  • Commercial and economical evaluation of the measures
  • Claim-Management on behalf of the client
  • Elaboration of strategy in negotiations for the claims and counterclaims on behalf of the client
  • Incorporation and co-ordination of experts and surveyor
  • Co-ordination und monitoring of the residual project execution




Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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MVV Umwelt GmbH
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68169 Mannheim

Construction period

- 2001 to 2004

Main Service

─ Consultancy and Owner’s Engineering
─ Claim-Management
─ Remedy of deficiencies of the plant