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Reference: Plymouth - Devonport EFW CHP Facility; SWDWP

Waste-To-Energy Plant

Characteristic Data:

Power Output: 27, 6 MW

Fuel: Waste

Fuel throughput: 31 t / h

Steam parameters:

  • 60 bar / 420 °C

Type of cooling:

  • Air-cooled condenser 

Ende of trial run:

  • September 2015

Description of site:

Plymouth, England

Site characteristic:

  • Near residential area, alongside military grounds
  • Adjacent to harbor/dock facilities
  • Supply and disposal via road


  • Special requirements due to Location (limited assembly space, high requirements to noise protection during assembly, restrictions for the assembly time)
  • High efficiency through district heat extraction

Planning basis:

  • New construction

Project Description:

  • The plant is being constructed based on a BOT (build, operate and transfer) model. Following completion our client will be responsible for the plant for 25 years
  • The waste-to-energy plant to serves three municipal entities in the city of Plymouth in the southwest of England
  • The plant was built in such a way that the building complex gives a ship-like Impression. The turbine building stands thereby in transverse direction below the horizontal boiler flue 
  • The configuration is a single line unit with an annual capacity of 245,000 tons
  • A bailing system with corresponding bale store is on hand in order to ensure continued waste delivery during plant downtimes. The system is fed from the bunker by two cranes
  • The live steam, at 60 bar and 420 °C, drives a single-casing turbine. Steam is extracted for supply of the nearby military site
  • An air-cooled condenser is set up separately
  • Due to the geographical situation, strict requirements are in place for noise emissions from the plant. These had an effect on the engineering, the erection and for the operation of the plant


Scope of Services:

Envi Con has taken on the role of general engineer and senior site Supervisor:


Project management (superordinate):

  • Coordination of all engineering activities (project execution planning and general plant engineering)
  • Engineering coordination (process engineering, component engineering, layout planning, construction engineering, electrical and I&C engineering)
  • Project control
  • Interface coordination and project execution
  • Monitoring of requirements
  • General layout planning

Senior site supervision:

  • Preliminary engineering
  • Site management
  • HSE coordination
  • Assembly/erection concept
  • Supplier coordination
  • Scheduling and monitoring
  • Supervision of trial operation and commissioning support
  • Superordinate QA




Rainer Teichgräber

Rainer Teichgräber

Sales Director

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Otto-Hahn-Straße 1
68169 Mannheim

Construction Period

2011 to 2015

Main Services

- Project management
- Engineering coordination
- Project control
- Interface engineering
- Site management
- HSE coordination
- Assembly/ erection concept
- Scheduling
- Supervision of trial operation 
- Commissioning support